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The formation of the ND-PASOK-Democratic Left government

Statement of the Press Office of the Central Comitee of the KKE

The new coalition government of ND-PASOK and the Democratic Left is not going to bring any relief to the popular strata which are suffering from the consequences of the capitalist crisis.

What the coalition government is presenting as a renegotiation of the unfavourable terms of the memoranda and the loan agreement is in fact a necessary readjustment imposed by the deepening of the crisis inGreece and the economically strongest countries in the Eurozone. This readjustment will be determined by the sharpening contradictions and the temporary agreements between the leading powers of the EU in relation to the way the crisis will be managed. Whatever their outcome is they will not put a brake on or cancel the bankruptcy and impoverishment of the people.

The participation of a “left” party in the coalition government is not going to bring any positive results for the people. The plutocracy is seeking to buy time and the toleration of the people via the participation of the Democratic Left in the government.

The workers and the popular strata are faced by severe tribulations and new serious dangers. There is no time to be wasted and no time for a stance of “wait and see”. The bourgeois class, the EU and their parties will attempt to exploit election results that were negative for the people so that defeatism and fatalism prevail.

The KKE in Parliament will table draft laws and amendments regarding the critical problems of the people. Amongst the first of these will be the abolition of the memorandum, the Loan Agreement and all the related laws which were passed by the previous Parliament.

The KKE will struggle with all its forces in the Parliament and amongst the people in order to organize the intervention, struggle and counterattack of the working class and popular strata for the protection of the unemployed and the popular families, to safeguard the provision of medicines, the functioning of the hospitals, to block the savage taxation, and the new massacre of salaries and pensions. To protect the households in debt and to ensure the functioning of education, which is seriously under-funded. For public works which serve the people and create jobs. So that the people have faith in their strength, so that they stand up to their exploiters, impede them and overthrow them.


On the elections results of 17th June 2012

The results of the June 17 elections were: Communist Party of Greece, 4,5% , New Democracy-ND (Liberal party) 29,6%, SYRIZA (alliance of opportunist forces and forces from PASOK) 26,9%, PASOK (social-democrats) 12,3%, Independent Greeks 7,55 %, Golden Dawn (nationalist, racist party) 6,9% and Democratic Left (split from Syriza and merged with some forces from PASOK) 6,3%, LAOS (older split from ND, nationalist party) 1,6%. Based on these results the KKE will receive 12 seats.

The General Secretary of the CC of the KKE after the announcement of the results made the following statement:

The election result is negative for the people which has suffered a lot from the economic crisis and the measures that followed, the memoranda, the loan agreement, the application laws.
The people will face serious problems and developments and whatever government is formed will not meet its expectations-the opposite will be true.

Our assessment concerning the negative character of the election result is based on the following elements:

First: on the increase of ND which is a well known anti-people, anti-worker party which does not change. The worst is not over, as Mr. Samaras claimed. The worst is on the way. And the government that will be formed, apparently with ND as its core, will not solve any of the people’s problems. On the contrary, it will complicate the problems.

Second: on the increase of SYRIZA in the second elections compared to the significant increase it had in the May elections. This time SYRIZA received a large number of votes and a high percentage, but after having watered down to a great extent its slogans concerning the memorandum, the loan agreement, the application laws with its clear position that its policy as a government will be within the framework of the “EU one-way street”. It made many assurances to the ruling class and the foreign powers that Greece will remain in the euro at all costs. In that sense, we believe that its support is a negative element given the fact that it has changed its positions regardless of whether we believed that it wouldn’t implement the positions it had supported for the May 6 elections.

Third negative element: the unquestionably great losses of the KKE that will be of greater significance for the readiness of the people to intervene in light of the intensification of the problems due to the crisis in Greece and above all due to the deepening of the crisis in the Eurozone. Our position on 7th May, that these would be the most difficult and most complex elections of the last 40 years for the KKE has been confirmed. We knew the immense obstacles that the party would have to face, which were much larger compared to those we went through up until the May 6 elections, namely the dilemmas of the new bipolar system, ND and SYRIZA. Both were fighting in their own way for the election result, one through intimidations and the other through illusions. Of course, the result must be assessed by the whole party, by KNE, by the friends and supporters of the party, as the party does in every election, in order to arrive at more comprehensive and substantial conclusions.

Fourth negative element: the votes and the percentage of the “Golden Dawn” despite the fact that after 6th May there was much more evidence regarding its fascist and thuggish nature.

The KKE preferred to tell the truth to the people regarding the character of the crisis and the possible outcomes which are connected to the negative developments in the Eurozone, regarding the character of the European Union, regarding the need for the unilateral cancellation of the debt, the need for disengagement from the EU, and the struggle for working class-people’s power. We said these things very consciously.

The participation of the KKE in a government to manage the crisis in such a crucial phase, when what is needed is a line of rupture and counterattack , would lead sooner or later to a major defeat for the movement, as the possible participation of the KKE in an untrustworthy government with two faces, one for internal affairs and one for foreign relations, could be used as an alibi for the compromise of the people and the alignment of the government’s political line with the interests of the monopolies.

We salute the members of the party and KNE, the friends and supporters of the party who waged this tough battle, and all those who withstood the pressure and voted for the KKE. We state that the KKE will remain standing despite the reduction of its seats in Parliament, it will continue its intense activity in the movement and will support and strengthen every starting point for struggle and hope.

It is certain that the people in the course of events will remember issues which we posed in both the electoral battles, predictions, warnings concerning the developments in the Eurozone, concerning the possibility of Greece’s involvement in a war, especially after the US elections. And we also believe that even those people who did not vote for the party, even though they appreciate its positions and role, will understand the consequences in the face of the possibility of an anti-memorandum coalition government.

We assure you that we will abide by every thing we said to the people before the elections. We will be in the front line in every struggle, we will support every militant initiative regarding the acute problems which are in progress, and we will prepare, to the extent that it depends on us, the people so that they can deal with the new torments which are on the way. We hope that this retreat of the radical orientation, which was particularly marked in the second electoral battle, will not last long, because there can be no “wait and see”, as the negative developments will unfold extremely rapidly.

The KKE considers that the basis for the people’s counterattack must be the workplaces, the sectors and the neighbourhoods. And above all what is most important is the regroupment of the labour movement, the social alliance, the socio-political alliance that will struggle for the immediate and pressing problems, and will also gather forces for the radical overthrow that is necessary.”


CP of Greece:
Solutions outside the framework of people’s power serve capital

Elisseos Vagenas - Member of the CC and Responsible of the International Section of the CC of KKE:
Interview with the Turkish newspaper “Evrensel”

1. The results of the elections demonstrate that the two-party system has finished. What developments led to this and what do the political balances show us today?

Answer: The result demonstrates that they are seeking to make an effort to give the two-party system a face-lift. They placed old blackmailing dilemmas before the workers in a new “package”. The bourgeois class, in order to maintain its power seeks to get rid of or give secondary roles to the most worn-out parties and political figures. It is preparing a restructuring of the political scene, due to the political damage the basic bourgeois parties have suffered, the social-democratic PASOK and the conservative ND. There is an attempt to form a centre-right pole around ND and a centre-left pole around the social-democratic SYRIZA. The attempt to reduce the electoral strength of the KKE is a part of this plan.

2. What did the KKE argue for and propose in the elections? What was its general line and what does it say today?

Answer: The KKE, in the May 6th elections, promoted in a comprehensive way its political proposal which highlights the need for working class-people’s power and economy, with disengagement from the EU and unilateral cancellation of the debt, with the socialization of the concentrated means of production, the people’s producer cooperatives, nationwide planning for the full utilization of the production potential of the country, with working class and people’s control which will operate from the bottom up.

3. The parties of power lost many votes. The indignation was expressed through parties that did not take a frontal stance against the Troika, EU, IMF, while the KKE every day is in the midst of the struggle, at the side of the workers, unemployed, self-employed, farmers etc. Why did the KKE not receive a corresponding result?

Answer: The KKE had a small increase in this election. Specifically it received 536,072 votes or 8.5%, that is to say +18,823 votes or +1%. The KKE elected 26 MPs (of the 300 in Parliament), 5 more than it had previously. In working class neighbourhoods the KKE received almost double its average percentage. Indeed in one of the 56 electoral regions (Samos-Ikaria) the KKE came first with 24.7%. It should be noted that 8.5% is party’s the highest percentage in parliamentary elections of the last 27 years, since 1985.The KKE has no parliamentary illusions in the sense that it does not expect to gradually increase its vote until one day it will have a majority in parliament and form a “communist” government. We are struggling for socialism-communism and if this could occur via bourgeois elections then the bourgeois class would have abolished elections.From this standpoint it is incorrect to compare the electoral results of the KKE with those of a social-democratic formation, such as SYRIZA.We should remember that 2,5 years ago PASOK, the other social-democratic party, received 44% while this time it received just 13%. This decline, which took place in conditions of political fluidity boosted SYRIZA, its closest ideological relation.

4. The KKE argues that without people’s power and socialization of the means of production, a government which is in favour of the workers cannot be formed. Today, when the conditions for this direction do not exist, i.e. for people’s power, what does the KKE propose? What demands does it promote in today’s situation?

Answer: From the moment when our country remains tied to the imperialist unions, NATO and the EU, and the power belongs to the capitalists, there can be no pro-people government. The position of the KKE is for the organization of the struggle of the workers, the poor farmers, the lower-middle popular strata against the anti-people measures which will be taken by the government (whether centre-right or centre-left). We believe that through this struggle forces will be liberated from bourgeois ideology and a social alliance will be formed that will pose the question of power.

5. What is the minimum programme of the KKE, which answers the demands and struggles of the workers?

Answer:The KKE insists and is firmly oriented to the necessity and timeliness of socialism. It considers that the material preconditions for the creation of the socialist-communist society exist. In addition, having studied the historical experience of the Greek and international communist movement, the KKE has arrived at the conclusion that the views concerning an “intermediate stage” between capitalism and socialism were mistaken. In our opinion, this assessment has not been vindicated anywhere! Power will be either a bourgeois power or workers’ –people’s power; there cannot be any power which has an intermediate character. On this basis, the KKE does not fight today for any intermediate stage and therefore it has no minimum programme. Of course this does not mean that it has only a strategy and no tactics. The tactics of the KKE promote the need to rally the working people around goals of struggle, both for the defense of the workers’, people’s and democratic rights as well as for the satisfaction of the contemporary needs of the people. We have well-elaborated positions and goals of struggle for all the problems of the people, however, we openly declare that under the conditions of capitalism any achievements that the working people may gain will be temporary without the acquisition of the workers’-people’s power.

6. How will the popular discontent and indignation be organized by the party?

Answer: The communists are in the vanguard of the struggle regarding every problem the people face. We seek to rally the workers and the poor popular strata on the path of struggle through the trade unions, the All-workers Militant Front (PAME) which is the class-oriented pole in the trade unions, as well as through other forms of organization, like the People’s Committees in the neighbourhoods.

7. What are the dilemmas which they are placing before the people and what does the party say about this?

Answer: The bourgeois class and its parties pose false dilemmas before the elections in order to trap popular forces and to prevent them from approaching the KKE. But we cannot explain this in an analytical way due to the lack of space. We can briefly mention one of these dilemmas: “euro or drachma?” We consider this to be a false dilemma. To begin with, whether Greece stays in the euro or not depends on the development of the capitalist crisis in the country and in Europe. In addition, the question of the currency alone without the overthrow of the power of the bourgeois class, without the socialization of the basic means of production, the central planning of the economy and workers’ control, cannot guarantee a better life for the workers.

8. What is the political line of the party regarding alliances?Answer: The KKE has an alliance police which has a social basis. It believes in an alliance of the working class, the popular strata in the city and the countryside that will come into conflict with the monopolies and imperialism. This alliance is being formed today through the respective people’s rallies with the perspective of calling into question the power of the monopolies.

9. Why has the KKE rejected the invitation of SYRIZA for a left government? What is the class character of SYNASPISMOS and what classes does it represent?

Answer: We believe that a “left government” is incapable of solving the people’s problems and on the contrary it will worsen them. Of course this cannot be understood by all the working people and other strata such as the small businessmen who are being destroyed by the crisis. SYRIZA has been chosen by a part of the bourgeoisie which sees it as the basic force in a government that will do the “dirty work” of the capitalist crisis, that will manage a possible bankruptcy.

10. What do you predict for after the 17th of June?

Answer: Any government in the conditions of the capitalist crisis, in the framework of the capitalist system, with the country trapped in the EU and NATO, will take anti-people measures. The KKE is a party for all seasons and it has proved that in its 93-year history. Nevertheless it is important to thwart the plans for its weakening in the June elections so that it can to play a leading role in the workers’ and people’s counterattack with as much strength as possible.


The strengthening of the KKE will determine the people’s position the day after the elections in Greece

The General Secretary of the Central Comittee of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, presented the KKE’s positions before the elections on the 17th of June at a press conference on Tuesday 5/6. We quote sections from the introductory speech:

The “euro or drachma” dilemma posed by ND or the dilemma posed by SYRIZA “memorandum or SYRIZA” are both false and misleading. They do not answer the real dangers which the people of Greece and the peoples of Europe are facing due to the sharpening of the capitalist crisis in the Eurozone.

The real dilemma is:

Counterattack of the people’s movement or the destitution of the popular strata?

Whatever government, which will be formed after the elections, will escalate the onslaught against the income and rights of the majority of salaried workers and the self-employed, using some crumbs given to extremely poor social groups as an alibi, and these crumbs will vanish due to the more general consequences of the anti-people political line.

Pre-conditions for the counterattack the day after the elections are:

The organization of the workers in the workplaces

The promotion of the people’s alliance between the working class, the poor self-employed and the poor farmers.

The preparation of the people to deal with all the possible outcomes, including first of all the possibility of an uncontrolled bankruptcy, to practically deal with the mass impoverishment and destitution.

The drastic change of the correlation of force in the trade union movement.

In a period when the future of today’s Eurozone is uncertain, regardless of the sacrifices of the Greek people, the next government will face two possibilities:

a) The renegotiation of the loan agreement within the Eurozone, with the creditors, which will lead to a new “haircut” and also a new harsh memorandum.

b) The impetus for a departure from the Eurozone with the possibility of an uncontrolled state bankruptcy.

SYRIZA has been recently invoking the policy of the US President Obama. A quick glance at the explosion of unemployment and poverty in the USA, which has provoked unfocused popular protests, is enough for anyone to draw conclusions. But the promotion of its “anti-German” rhetoric by the large US media outlets is extremely noteworthy, something that is accompanied by a lack of categorical commitments in the governmental programme of SYRIZA that the base at Suda will not be used against Syria and Iran. A programme that also does not pose clear governmental goals for the cancellation of the strategic agreement with Israel and the departure from NATO.

After the elections the KKE will confront the rationale of ND and SYRIZA by putting forward and specializing its line of struggle which includes radical goals such as :

Termination of the loan agreement and the memorandum, full and stable employment, exclusively public and free Healthcare, Education, Welfare, exclusively public social security system for all, 45% tax rate fordistributed and undistributed profits […]

The victory of the people, the people’s sovereignty requires the people to possess the wealth they produce, to take the power into their hands. This means the that the immense wealth which is produced in this country and which today is transformed into profits in the stock markets, into bank deposits in Switzerland, investments in the Balkans and in London, into the construction of new ships in China will be utilized for the satisfaction of the people’s needs. It means a power and a government that will not be bound by the treaties and the plans of all the international imperialist interstate alliances and international conventions, the EU, the military formations, NATO. The KKE will play a decisive and leading role in the government of this people’s power.

The GS of the CC of the KKE made a detailed presentation of the platform for the organization of the people’s counterattack which includes goals of struggle regarding income, taxation, protection of the unemployed, social security system, pensions, healthcare, education etc.

SYRIZA gave its official “letters of credentials” to the USA and the EU

On Wednesday the 6th of June, the President of SYRIZA, A. Tsipras met with ambassadors and diplomats from the member-states of the G20. The newspaper “Rizospastis”, organ of the CC of the KKE, on the 7/6/2012, made the following comment on this:

Mr Tsipras handed over his “letter of credentials”, at a really ceremonial event, to an official of the US embassy and diplomats from the planet’s 19 strongest capitalist countries! The meeting of SYRIZA’s President with the ambassadors of the G20 countries gave us a reminder of the recent past, specifically it reminds us of the former Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou, who has vanished without trace in recent weeks… The same slogans regarding “a new multi-facetted peaceful foreign policy”, the same references to “international initiatives for the democratization of the system of international relations” and the need to “upgrade the role of the UN.”

And at the same time, no mention of NATO. The lips are sealed! NATO which recently met in Chicago and took new dangerous decisions for the expansion of its activity, for the repression of every force. of every people that seeks to take control of its own future. Mr Tsipras’ silence concerning the continuing intervention against Syria was astounding. No mention, as if plans for a military intervention in the region are not being drawn up. As if the use of US base at Suda is not part of the plans regarding this intervention, and the use more generally of the ports, the airspace, and the sea of our country. The President of SYRIZA said nothing as to how the “left” government, which he promises to form, would react in such a situation!

Why? It is obvious! When it does not pose the issue of the country’s departure from the imperialist plans, from the imperialist organization of NATO, in the name of “alliance obligations”, the country will be dragged into this new bloody imperialist war, under a “left” government. But Mr Tsipras did not omit to mention that he would play a leading role in a “nuclear-free Middle East”, pointing to Iran’s nuclear programme, which is in any case the pretext which will be used by the USA and Israel to justify a possible military attack against Iran, a new war. Not a word about the nuclear weapons Israel already possesses!

SYRIZA’s President made a point of once again declaring his loyalty to the imperialist EU, and the need for Turkey’s assimilation into it, something which the Turkish communist and labour movement are opposed to! Finally, he considered it appropriate in front of the foreign ambassadors to unhesitatingly spew his poison against the socialism humanity knew in the USSR and other countries in the 20th century, and which, despite its weaknesses, was for over 50 years an irreplaceable support for the peace and security of the peoples and a thorn in the side of the imperialists.

On the results of the student elections 2012

The Executive Secretariat of the Students’ Front of Struggle (MAS) salutes the thousands of students who supported the militant lists of Panspoudastiki KS (the list supported by KNE) with their votes.

Panspoudastiki KS recorded, in the vast majority of student unions, a large increase in the Technical Institutes, reaching over 16% (+3.3%), and a hopeful increase in the universities, reaching over 14.2% (+0.6%). In dozens of student unions the lists of Panspoudastiki KS came first and in even more student unions as well as in cities and universities (e.g. the University of Patras) they achieved second place for the first time.

No complacency- We must not waste any time

It is still necessary for the student assemblies and the struggle committees to become the core of the militant regroupment of the student movement.

The fellow-students who abstained as well as those who voted for PASP (list of PASOK) and DAP (list of ND) again must take stock. Abstention and toleration are convenient for the system, regardless of individual intentions.

Easy solutions from above, with whatever management formula, with new or old political formations, in favour of the people and their children do not exist, and will never exist. Whatever government, whatever political formation emerges in the following period, they will not provide solutions for the people.

For this reason the people and their children must turn their backs on the extortion and the illusions.

The only way for us is a radical change in the correlation of forces from below, which means: Activity alongside MAS and the struggle committees in every faculty, change, the strengthening of the struggle and organization, alliance with the labour and people’s movement.

The students who supported Panspoudastiki KS were those who during the entire previous period were rallied by MAS, struggled alongside the class-oriented forces in the labour and people’s movement, even on the day of the elections were collecting money to support the struggle of the steelworkers and will continue to stand by this heroic struggle with all their strength. They fought against the anti-people political line that impoverished and impoverishes the popular strata, they impeded the implementation of the law on tertiary education, the cuts in the rights to accommodation and meals. They will make more dynamic progress in the organization and intensification of the struggle against the forces of capital and its political representatives. They will take a stronger stand against the attempts to liquidate the student movement, seeking its organization for a militant regroupment.

In the crucial battles to come regarding education, work, our future and lives, we will be the protagonists, in the front line of the struggle for the science needed by our people and their children who are students. (17/05/2012)

All the results can be found on the website of the Students’ Front of Struggle (

We do not want a government for the plutocracy,

we struggle and vote for another power.“

Thousands of workers, employees, youth, women, and families from the popular strata participated in a determined and militant fashion at the Pedion Areos, in the rally of the KKE, where the GS of the CC of the party, Aleka Papariga spoke on the 14th of May. Thousands of people sent a message yesterday, together with the call of the party to the people to lend it even more strength, both if new elections are held, and also in the struggles, in the workplaces, neighbourhoods, universities and schools: “Hope is here. A strong KKE.”

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, mentioned amongst other things:

Whatever government is now formed, we must be ready to wage war on it (…) They will form it in order to pass the scheduled measures- which amount to between 11.5 and 13.5 billion euros. They will attack the income and rights of the workers (…)

They want to ensure that the political line of the “EU one-way street” will continue in Greece, the political line which foists the burdens on the workers and paves the way for the recovery of capital’s profitability. The process of the mandates is even more revealing regarding the role SYRIZA will play in the renovation of the political system, in order to head off the current of radicalism and in the end to disarm the movement (…)

SYRIZA may have declared that it has no intention of cooperating with ND and PASOK, that their political line has been delegitimised, but it took the mandate and made a proposal of cooperation to all the parties, except for Golden Dawn. After each meeting, particularly with ND and PASOK, it stressed that it would not cooperate with them, even if these supported SYRIZA in principle, because it wants a left government, despite the fact that there are not enough seats for this (…)

The statement of SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises) that a coalition government with the anti-memorandum SYRIZA would help in the renegotiation which the governments and business groups in all the crisis-struck member-states desire is not accidental nor is it a provocation.

The slogan of a ND government or centre-right government or ND-PASOK on the one hand and on the other SYRIZA with some collaborations on the other is the new misleading dilemma for the people who need a political line of rupture and conflict and not renegotiation.

Change your vote!

We know ND and PASOK, they don’t change, however many disguises they wear. Don’t trust SYRIZA which misleads with easy solutions and the alleged aces up its sleeves. It wants to be both with the robber and the gendarme, with the EU and with the people. It has already watered down its positions. In the new election period, it will repeat loud and bright slogans so that it can forget them if it forms a government. Then it will be transformed into a lamb in relation to the EU and NATO (…)

We go against the current of false hopes. We will be vindicated much more quickly now, once again. The people’s anger must not be turned into disillusionment. The people have no need of today’s memoranda or other amended memoranda (…)

There are no painless solutions. The path of rupture, conflict, requires sacrifices, but these will lead to the people’s prosperity. The path of compromise proposed by other forces requires endlesspainful and pointless sacrifices, without a positive prospect for the people (…)

The only government which can meet the challenges of the crisis and the people’s needs is the one which will unilaterally cancel the debt, denounce and overthrow the Memorandum-Loan Agreement, disengage Greece from the EU and make the people the only master of the wealth which they create and which exists in Greece. These pre-conditions are not desired or proclaimed (even in their slogansand speeches) by any other party (..) Their goal is to reduce the strength of the KKE. They distort the goals of struggle and positions of the KKE.

The offensive against the KKE is being carried out because it refuses to be herded into a government for the management of the crisis at the expense of both the people and the productive and development potential of the country.

The KKE has the historic responsibility not to become the communist alibi for a government which before it has even been formed is certain not to improve the people’s living standards, or to free them from austerity and unemployment. The historic responsibility of the KKE stands against the historic irresponsibility of SYRIZA.

The youth and the workers in general who are suffering must correct the vote they gave to “Golden Dawn”, as they surely do not agree with their Nazi views.

If elections are held, change your vote. Strengthen the KKE in order to empower the people’s struggle, the people’s alliance, so that the struggle for the overthrow can be victorious.

The people’s-labour movement has the strength to face the provocateur mechanisms of the bourgeois system – see video at

Article of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE in relation to the statements of the international Media on the murderous attack on the large demonstration of PAME – Friday, 21 October 2011

The murderous attack unleashed by anarcho-fascist groups against the enormous rally which was organized by the class-oriented trade unions, rallied in the All-workers’ Militant Front (PAME) in opposition to the new anti-people measures of the government, made the news on a global scale. Nevertheless, there were many attempts by the bourgeois media to distort the facts.

Indeed in this effort they use as arguments fabrications and lie drawn from the opportunist forces and the Trotskyist websites.

As is well-known on the 19-20 October hundreds of thousands of workers participated in the big strike mobilisation, in which the class-oriented trade unions of PAME played the leading role, together with other forces of the social alliance (MAS,PASEVE,PASY,OGE). The success of the 1st day of the strike and the massive demonstration in the central square of Athens, outside Parliament, where PAME was predominant, sent a strong message to the government, the EU, capital: No sacrifice for the plutocracy! The workers are not responsible for the capitalist crisis! The fight for goals of struggle which are connected to the contemporary needs, in rupture with the capitalist system, the concentration of forces for the people’s power and economy!

The fake-incidents, the “hide and seek” with the riot police, the damage to shops and buildings, which small provocateur groups organized, could not extinguish the message of the huge popular demonstration of PAME. Certain international media, in an attempt to mislead the workers in their countries spoke of an attack and attempt of the demonstrators to occupy the parliament. Something which of course had no relation to reality.

On the 2nd day the forces of capital sought to suppress the strong political message of the workers. PAME had announced the encirclement of the Parliament for the time when the anti-worker measures were to be discussed and voted on by article with a roll call vote, at the request of the KKE. For this reason they mobilised and unleashed in a planned way organized groups with specific instructions and anarcho-fascists who with Molotov cocktails, stones, and other weapons which are used by the police, such as teargas and stun grenades, attempted to disperse the majestic rally of the workers and people in Syntagma and especially the part where PAME was concentrated. The assault took place on the edges of the demonstration and had as a result the injury of 80 PAME demonstrators and the death of the construction worker-trade unionist of PAME, Dimitris Kotzaridis. Nevertheless, their goal, which was to disperse the rally of PAME, to intimidate and suppress the working class and popular torrent for counterattack which came onto the streets for the 48 hr general strike, failed! The forces of the protection of the rally successfully repelled the murderous assault!

Certain international bourgeois media sought to present the before mentioned incidents as a conflict between two ideological-political currents inside the people’s movement. This approach has nothing to do with reality since in Greece it is well-known that these groups which appear under the cover of the black colour, the hood, “anarchism” are organized and staffed by the forces of the bourgeois system and include everything from organized hooligans of football teams, to hired thugs from night clubs, members of neo-Nazi organizations and forces of security services. There is a lot of evidence from the recent past (photographs and videos) that show the relations of these groups with the mechanisms of the system. They are murderous groups which serve the bourgeois system and have no relation with the people’s movement. They are unleashed by the system itself in order to organize provocations (like the burning of the bank on 5/5/2010 where three employees died) and provide a pretext to the security forces so as to use the equipment they possess in order to disperse the mass people’s demonstrations.

Even more dangerous and dirty is the slander that PAME protected the parliament from the protesters, an allegation reproduced by bourgeois and opportunist mass media - domestic and international ones. This dirty allegation seeks to portrait PAME as a support of the bourgeois system and the KKE as a “systemic force”, as a party of the bourgeois system. It emanates from those forces which praise the “spontaneous” movement and present it in opposition to the organized class-oriented workers’ movement. It is they who misleadingly identify the revolution and the people’s uprising with the burning of rubbish bins and the breaking of shop windows and not with the organized political struggle of the workers’ movement which has roots in the factories, in workplaces, in people’s neighbourhoods and will dispute the bourgeois power leading to a conflict with the imperialist organizations of NATO and the EU, to the establishment of people’s power. The KKE and PAME do not need any “credentials” for their militancy which the bourgeois media hand over to the hooded provocateurs, to the anarcho-fascist groups. Our history and activity has the appreciation of hundred of thousands of working people who take part in the people’s demonstrations, of millions of workers who appreciate the consistent, unwavering struggle of our party, the firmness of its goals for the overthrow of the capitalist barbarity and the militancy of its members and cadre in the places where they work and live. This slander that PAME allegedly “protected the bourgeois parliament from the rebels” has nothing to do with reality and moreover it seeks to conceal the truth, namely the fact that PAME managed, thanks to its strong vigilance, to defend the demonstration and prevent the plans for its dissolution.

As we say in Greece “lies have short legs”… On Friday morning hundreds of cadres and members of the KKE, numerous forces of the class-oriented movement visited many workplaces informing the working people and preparing new mobilizations. This mass political work among the people which will continue on a daily basis constitutes a decisive response to every kind of anarcho-fascist, to the police informers, to the bourgeois state, to the government and the parties of capital, the opportunist formations.


An unprecedented sea of people in the majestic strike rally of PAME in Athens and in 70 other cities all across Greece

An unprecedented sea of hundreds of thousands of people participated in the majestic strike rally of PAME, which filled Athens, the like of which has not been seen in recent decades, on the first day of the 48 hours nationwide general strike. All the central roads of Athens had been filled to a suffocating level by the enormous crowds of workers for many hours.

Massive rallies unprecedented in size and militancy took place in all the cities throughout Greece.

These forces were rallied so that the draft legislation with new anti-people measures will not be voted through, with the following line: Down with the government and the parties of the plutocracy, working class-popular organization and alliance everywhere, a solution concerning the question of power. The slogan which resounded in the rally was “Worker, without you no cog can turn, you can do without the bosses”, “Disobedience to the plutocracy, People, a front for power”.

The huge success of the strike was based on the paralysis of countless factories, big production units and other workplaces by workers and employees who experience poverty, destitution, and the dead-end of unemployment. Its huge size and militancy was also based on the closure of numerous small shops and businesses which face the danger of closing down permanently. Many new forces of workers participated for the first time in the strike giving a special dynamic to the struggle against the barbarity of the measures of the government, the plutocracy, the IMF, the EU.

From dawn the forces of PAME with their picket lines supported decisively the workers in “ghetto” workplaces who decided to go on strike for the first time, defying employer intimidation and even civil mobilization, which the government had imposed on the striking garbage collectors of the municipalities, and the other mechanisms of strike breakers used by the government.

The provocateur groups who jumped out of the contingents of the compromised trade union organizations of GSEE and ADEDY sought once again to create staged incidents. Nevertheless, they did not manage to conceal the huge size and the demands of the immense strike rally, the organized and protected participation of the working people in the demonstrations of PAME where not a single incident occurred.

Giorgos Perros, member of the Executive Secretariat of PAME, stated amongst other things from the podium of the strike rally: “there is no pro-people PASOK. There is no pro-people government no matter if it is called “centre-left”, or “left”, if it does not come into conflict with the monopolies, if its programme does not include the overthrow of the monopolies or in other words their socialization. Either with the people or with the monopolies. Workers’- people’s power or monopolies’ power. There is no other way! Don’t waste any moment. Counterattack all together! Tomorrow, on Thursday everyone must come to the encirclement of the Parliament by PAME from all sides and streets.

Processes in the bourgeois parties to inhibit the people’s torrent of rage

The very big success of the first day of the strike exerts pressure on the parties of plutocracy and its government. Thus, at these moments there is an intensification of the processes for the reformation of the political system by PASOK and ND and the other bourgeois parties, with scenarios of a “big coalition of PASOK-ND” as well as efforts to ensure the consensus for the passing of the anti-people measures against the torrent of the strike that flooded Athens and other cities today.

The General Secretary of the Central Commitee of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, mentioned the following in relation to these processes in her statements to the media : “ I don’t think that Mr Papandreou expects our toleration and consensus. Maybe for reasons to do with publicity abroad he is meeting with the parties in order to demonstrate that he has their support. He has no support from us. None whatsoever. What he has from us is our radical, total, real and substantial confrontation.”

After her departure from the meeting which she had with the Prime Minister, who has carried out a series of meetings with all the party leaders, the General Secretary of the Central Commitee of the KKE, stated :

From now on things will literally be decided by the mighty people and not by the negotiations which the government will carry out or by the councils and caucuses with the other parties.” Aleka Papariga called on the people to go forward without fear, with out illusions until the final victory and she added: “There is one solution: the wealth which exists is this country must become the people’s. We must disengage from the bonds of the EU and unilaterally cancel the debt. There is no intermediate solution.”

It should be noted that all the forces of the class-oriented forces will rally for the second strike battle on thursday and for the encirclement of the Parliament which will constitute a new landmark in the struggle against the anti-worker measures, in conflict with the monopolies and their power.