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War goes hand in hand with the crisis

The escalating tension in the Middle East, with at its centre the violation of Syria’s airspace by a Turkish plane which was shot down, Turkey’s appeal to NATO and the imperialist threats regarding an intervention against Syria and Iran are creating a very hazardous situation which is pregnant with dangers for a new imperialist war in the region.

These developments express the sharpening of the confrontation between the imperialist powers for the control of the region’s natural resources, the commodities’ transport routes and the markets. They demonstrate that the capitalist crisis and imperialist wars go hand in hand and threaten the peoples with new wide-scale bloodshed.

In these conditions the KKE calls on the workers to be in a state of readiness and vigilance:

  • So that Greece is not dragged into the new imperialist wars of the USA and NATO, which are being prepared against Syria and Iran, and which will have tragic consequences.

  • No “treaty obligation” must be observed which directly or indirectly entangles the country.

  • The base at Suda must not be used. It must be closed down now!

  • All Greek military forces which are abroad must return home.

  • The military exercises and all the agreements for military cooperation with Israel must be cancelled.

  • The struggle for the disengagement from the imperialist plans and NATO must be strengthened.

    KKE – Statement of the Press Office of the CC, 26/06/2012

The formation of the ND-PASOK-Democratic Left government

Statement of the Press Office of the CC of the KKE

The new coalition government of ND-PASOK and the Democratic Left is not going to bring any relief to the popular strata which are suffering from the consequences of the capitalist crisis.

What the coalition government is presenting as a renegotiation of the unfavourable terms of the memoranda and the loan agreement is in fact a necessary readjustment imposed by the deepening of the crisis inGreece and the economically strongest countries in the Eurozone. This readjustment will be determined by the sharpening contradictions and the temporary agreements between the leading powers of the EU in relation to the way the crisis will be managed. Whatever their outcome is they will not put a brake on or cancel the bankruptcy and impoverishment of the people.

The participation of a “left” party in the coalition government is not going to bring any positive results for the people. The plutocracy is seeking to buy time and the toleration of the people via the participation of the Democratic Left in the government.

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Antifascist resistance in Cyprus

during World War II

Speech by Yiannakis Colocasides, member of the Political Bureau of AKEL on the Anniversary of 16th of June 1943 in Nicosia

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On June 7, 2012, under the title “Assassin-in-Chief”, an internet website published the following: “…you aren't just electing a president of the United States; you are also electing an assassin-in-chief.”

Thanks to a long New York Times piece by Jo Becker and Scott Shane, ‘Secret 'Kill List' Proves a Test of Obama's Principles and Will’, we now know that the president has spent startling amounts of time overseeing the "nomination" of terrorist suspects for assassination via the remotely piloted drone programme he inherited from President George W. Bush and which he has expanded exponentially.

The language of the piece about our warrior president […] focused on the dilemmas of a man who - we now know - has personally approved and overseen the growth of a remarkably robust assassination programme in Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan based on a ‘kill list’. Moreover, he's regularly done so target by target, name by name. […] According to Becker and Shane, President Obama has also been involved in the use of a fraudulent method of counting drone kills, one that unrealistically deemphasizes civilian deaths.

Historically speaking, this is all passing strange. The Times calls Obama's role in the drone killing machine ‘without precedent in presidential history’. And that's accurate.”

"It is the strangest of bureaucratic rituals: Every week or so, more than 100 members of the government's sprawling national security apparatus gather, by secure video teleconference, to pore over terrorist suspects' biographies and recommend to the president who should be the next to die. This secret 'nominations' process is an invention of the Obama administration, a grim debating society that vets the PowerPoint slides bearing the names, aliases, and life stories of suspected members of al-Qaeda's branch in Yemen or its allies in Somalia's Shabab militia. The nominations go to the White House, where by his own insistence and guided by counterterrorism 'tsar' John O. Brennan, Mr. Obama must approve any name."

As we learned last week again in the Times, we not only have an assassin-in-chief in the Oval Office, but a cyber warrior…”

What I have written here is a brief summary of current affairs in the United States.

The day before, June 6, 2012, which was equally sinister, an article entitled “Has China's Economy Run Out of Steam?” published by BBC World stated the following:

Several indicators have begun to point to an economic downturn in the country, including sharp slowdowns in electricity demand and industrial production, as well as in factory output and retail sales.

China has already been suffering for several months from the chill wind blowing from Europe - its biggest export market, even bigger than the US.

The country's manufacturing sector has been contracting for the last seven months thanks mainly to weak export demand, according to a recent survey.”

Money has more or less stopped flowing into China since September, and in April actually began to leave the country. This is highly unusual.”

To make sure the Yuan doesn't strengthen too much, China blocks speculators from buying the currency.

For almost two years since mid-2010, the government has dutifully allowed the Yuan to strengthen against the dollar. But in the last month, as the economy has got into trouble, it started to push the Yuan’s value down again.

“…many firms financed the import of raw materials such as copper, iron ore and aluminum for the building industry.”

The unused copper shipments piling up in China's warehouses have become so great that there is hardly any space to store the surplus.”

This could of course be nothing more than a short-term blip. But the fear is that it could be the beginning of the end of a building boom that has created far more apartments than the country really needs.”

There are stories of entire new ghost towns having been built.

It seems many of these empty flats were being bought by Chinese businesses and families as an investment, in preference to leaving their money in a low-interest bank account.”

China's growth rate barely dropped below the magic 10% figure at a time when the West fell into its deepest recession since World War II.”

For example, China has built the world's biggest high-speed rail network, five times the size of France's TGV, from scratch.

China is in the middle of a delicate transition, with a new generation of leaders taking over - something that only happens every 10 years.

There is a political struggle going on - evidenced by the removal of the colorful Chongqing governor Bo Xilai.

A lot of party members have personally done very well out of the building and lending boom of the last three years. If the boom is coming to an end, they will be even more keen not to be among the inevitable losers.

How that struggle plays out - especially if China faces a lot of unemployed workers protesting on the streets - is anyone's guess.”

I am far from sharing that sinister false rumor spread by the Yankees about China’s destiny, and I wonder if we could ignore the fact that China has the biggest reserves of rare earth metals of the world and huge stocks of shale gas, which will allow it to exercise its power over the world’s energy production when the power of lying and subjugation come to an end. It is too much already.

Fidel Castro Ruz

June 9, 2012, 12:05 p.m.

Hungary: We have to live! We have a future! We shall fight!

Working people! Our fellow sufferers!

Hungary is in crisis. We can't make both ends meet for years. There aren't enough workplaces. The salary of the most of us isn't enough for a decent living. The rich are getting even richer and the poor can't expect anything good. There's no one to turn to, there's no one to help us.
It's the capitalist system that's guilty. We've rotating the capitalist governments since 1990. All of them promised a lot but completed only a little. The source of our problems isn't the incapacity of one or another government. The source of all our problems is that the system we are living in, the capitalism, is foredoomed not to be good. It can not be good, because this society is dominated by money. It doesn't matter what's good for us, for the people. What only matter is the things that brings money, profit to the capitalists.

Long live the rich, the poor shall decay! That's the solution, proposed by the government. They make the people pay the price of the crisis. Everything is getting more expensive. They took away the railway routes in the name of rationalisation. Health-care is getting worse and more expensive. There is still no work for everyone. We're afraid of tomorrow.

We pay for the welfare of the Germans and other rich people. Austerity measures aren't over yet, but the European Union and the IMF demand even more. The rich countries of the Europaen Union, led by the Germans, shift off the expenses of the crisis to the small states.
Government and parliamental opposition – no difference! The government bows to the EU and the IMF. The parliamental opposition is assisting the government. Both of them want the capitalist system. They are fighting for their own power and not for the people.

Working people! Our fellow sufferers!
We have to live! We have a future! We shall fight! Let's fight if we don't want to starve to death, if we want live here, in this homeland! Support the Workers' Party!

Make the rich pay, help the working people! This is the programme of the Workers' Party. Governments should be forced to tax the rich, the multinational companies and to restrict the power of capital.

No more sacrifices! Not a single cent anymore to the capitalist governments! Not a single cent to the banks!
Capital can only be restricted by the masses, by the force of the working people
. If we grow strong and organised, the capitalists will have to make concessions. If we stay weak and divided, they will kick us again and again.
Let's make a popular alliance of working people! Let's learn to fight together against the capitalists! Let's force the ruling governments to restrict the power of the capital! Let's fight for political freedom and democratic rights!
Liveable Hungary, harmonic socialist society! For the working people the capitalist society will never be good, because it's based on money. The problems of the working people can only be solved by a new socialist society based on the people. We want a liveable society, a liveable Hungary.

Working people! Our fellow sufferers!
János Kádár would be 100 years old today. There was a lot of good things in the Kádár-socialism, but there were also a number of bad things.. But it is a fact that there were more success and achievements than failures The people’s Hungary gave work, a life worthy of living, calculable future to the workers, the intellectuals, the peasants and the employees as well.

We, the Workers' Party are Your party, the party of the working people. Of those, who haven't grown rich during the past decades, whose life is ruined by the capital, the power of money.

We stood against the Change of
Régime in 1989-90. We knew it's only a scam. They promised us that we will live like the West with keeping everything that was good in the socialism. That's not what happened! We have lost everything that was good in socialism and from capitalism we only received the bad.

Let's fight! Let's organise ourselves! Let's turn the trade unions into real militant groups that fight for the rights of the working people! Join the NGO's and step up against everything which is bad in our lives! Let's fight against poverty, defencelessness, evictions and injustice!

Support the Workers' Party! You've already tried all the bourgeois parties and none of them have been good for you. Support us, the party of the labour, of the working people!

Budapest, 26 May 2012

The 24th congress of the Hungarian Communist Workers' Party

Communist Party of Israel
Israel: Thousands take to streets in demand of social justice

Thousands of Israelis took part in social justice demonstrations on Saturday night in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. Some10,000 people marched down Ibn Gvirol street on Saturday night (2.6.2012), in what appeared to be the largest such protest in Tel-Aviv since last summer. The demonstrators had the same spirit and chants as last year with calls of "The people want social justice," "We the majority have taken to the streets," and "Take to the streets, the country is crumbling" and others, against right-wing and neo-liberal government, echoing through central Tel Aviv.

In Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, many of the participants were from the Communist Party of Israel and Hadash, as well as from leftist youth movements, carrying red flags and red banners: "There is not social justice without just peace". The Izabo band, which represented Israel in Eurovision last week, performed at the Tel Aviv rally. Speakers in Tel-Aviv included Communist activist Raja Zaatry and social activists. "We demanded a change in priorities, but got cosmetic changes. The prices of electricity, fuel and water, which are under government supervision, are rising," he said. "The recent period of mass social protest, opened up great possibilities for the creation of an Jewish-Arab progressive pole in Israeli society, which could take up the cause of blocking the government's neo-liberal reforms and defending workers rights. Yet at the same time, ours is also a period of a reactionary wave of racist and anti-democratic legislation, intensification of attacks against the Arab minority within Israel and migrants as refugees, and growing danger of fascism," added Zaatry to journalists.

In Jerusalem, around 1,500 demonstrators marched from Horse Park to Paris Square. In Haifa, around 1000 demonstrators marched from Meyerhoff Square to Ben-Gurion Boulevard for a rally. Many of the marchers held signs with anti-racism messages. Shahin Nessar, a social and feminist activist from Haifa and member of the Young Communist League, addressed the crowd in Arabic. "This year we're going all the way, until the government of poverty, discrimination, racism and occupation falls down," she said.

The organizers said in a statement that "our renewed call stems from grief and anger - we've been fighting for a whole year, with the complete support of most of the Israelis, for the image of Israeli society. But the government is intensifying the destructive social processes it is advancing. Israelis demand recognition of their distress and a significant policy change, but the government continues to ignore them," the statement said. "Instead of worrying about the working people and weaker classes, Netanyahu's government is promoting a policy solely for the benefit of the rich and connected, leaving the middle and lower classes behind." Three weeks ago, thousands of Israelis took part in social justice rallies across the country, with the largest occurring in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square , as part of the "Global May" international day of protest.

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What's really up in Syria ?

A letter from the Syrian Communist Party (unified)

Tel: (+96311) 4410264 , 4429503 Damascus, Fax: (+96311) 4422383, Date:17-9-2011 , E-mail:

We would like to present to you a brief presentation and analysis of the successive events taking place in our country, Syria, so that we might highlight some facts, on one hand, and discredit some lies fabricated and marketed by imperialist propaganda against Syria.

Ever since the events began in last March, scores of T.V stations in America, Great Britain, and France, some stations in the Arab world, and hundreds of sites on the internet have been mobilized to work as hard as they can in order to falsify the reality of those events, as far as the world public opinion is concerned, special programs are broadcast to serve this purpose by day and night.

The American President would daily give statements which include rude threats against Syria as well as flagrant intervention in the internal of fairs of the Syria people. High ranking officials in the European Union would imitate the American President.

Such threats and interventions reached the top degree when the America President claimed the irrelevance and illegitimacy of the Syrian regime. Harsh and unjust economic sanctions have been imposed against the Syrian people and its economy. More dangerous, still, are the plans discussed and endorsed by Nato to launch waves of air strikes for several weeks against 30 strategic sites in Syria, exactly similar to what had happened in Yugoslavia.

Some officials in Europe would never hesitate to call for dealing with the situation in Syria exactly as though it were a pale copy of the Libyan crisis. Scores of thousands of civilians have been massacred, tens of plants and economic sites have been destroyed by air strikes, in the mean time, Libya is being divided.

States members of the imperialist international alliance have been trying, by all means possible, to pass a U.N Security Council resolution condemning Syria, to be followed by successive resolutions against Syria and subjugate it to chapter seven of the U.N charter, so that an aggressive campaign would become legalized. Thanks to the opposition of Russia and China, accompanied by South Africa, India, Brazil and Lebanon, imperialist attempts at U.N Security Council are merely, until now, a failure.

All these moves take place under tow pretexts:

  1. Demonstrators in Syria are killed, security procedures are being resorted to while dealing with protesting demonstrations.

  2. Manipulating the shortcomings of the regime un Syria, such as the lack in democracy and the monopoly of power by the ruling party, in order to pressure the regime to adopt some internal changes, although any internal change should be considered as a partial part of the national sovereignty of any county.

Actually, several protest demonstration began in last March, calling for social, economic, and democratic, reforms. The majority of these demands were supported by our party as a way to deal with ill effects of the implementation of a liberal program in the economy, the deals struck with the International Monetary Fund, and the transformation of Syria to a market economy. The effects were detrimental to the level of living of poor and middle strata.

The political leadership of the county has been continuously warned, through the party press, official meetings or official memoranda, the last of which was five weeks ago. The demonstrations were peaceful.

Soon they were manipulated by religious fundamentalist and radical groups whose ideologies date back to the middle ages.

Demonstrations turned from peaceful to armed ones aiming to achieve purposes having nothing to do with social and political reforms. While dealing these demonstrations, the official security forces committed several mistakes which are unjustifiable. consequently, actions were followed by reactions. Scores of civilians and soldiers were killed. Armed gangs were formed, attacking public and private properties, and setting up barriers inside some cities in which they had had the upper hand. During the last several months, these gangs were busy establishing armed sites in the border regions between Syria, on one hand, and Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq to insure continuity of weaponry and help supplies through them.

Anyhow, the gangs have not succeeded in establishing a stable border basis. This cost hundreds of civilians and soldiers, i.e. more than 2000 victims. In the mean time several events were exaggerated. Facts were falsified. The latest up to date electronic and media equipments were employed in order to show that the Syrian army is completely responsible for these acts, and that the armed gangs bore no responsibility, what so ever.

Due to the pressure of the events, the government adopted several social and democratic reforms including: annulling the emergency regulations, exceptional courts, and considering peaceful demonstrations legal. Recently a new election law and a law permitting the establishment of political parties have been adopted. Preparations for a new or a modified constitution are underway.

New laws covering media and local administration have also been adopted.

The aims of these laws and procedures are: to break the monopoly of power by the Ba׳th ruling party, to established a pluralistic and democratic society, to insure public as well as private freedom, to help launch the freedom of expression and to acknowledge  the right of the opposition to peaceful political activity.

In spite of our reservations as regards some articles, these laws are very important. For more than forty years, our party has struggled to have such laws adopted. Should these laws be implemented, they could be considered as an important step toward and the transition of Syria to a democratic and pluralistic society.

Large sectors of the national peaceful opposition have welcomed there procedures, whereas the fundamentalist and armed opposition are still sticking to the slogan of toppling the regime, en acting tension, and sectarian strives.

In an attempt to portray the problem as thought it were a sectarian or a cult strife, this would be a flagrant forgery and falsification of facts.

We can sum up the situation as follows:

  • Armed tension in Syrian cities and towns has been reduced. Armed gangs have suffered heavily. However some of them are able to resume their activities.

  • Peaceful demonstrations have not disappeared and are not confronted violently, unless they have been accompanied by violent activities.

  • The state has called upon the national opposition to take part in a comprehensive political dialogues aiming to help achieve the transition to democracy and pluralism peacefully. Such a dialogue faces many difficulties most important of which is the pressure of armed groups which oppose peaceful dialogue and a peaceful solution, depending on support from abroad.

  • Imperialist and colonialist threats against Syria have increased. Although these threats face many difficulties, and we have to get ready to confront them.

As far as the situation in our country is concerned, it appears as follows:

- Protest movements are still existing at different levels. They differ from a governorate to another. One can notice that most moves start from mosques, rural areas and slum houses, and head toward city centers, down town.

- Moves among ethnic or religious minorities are scarce. In factories, universities and trade unions, there are no moves.

- Within the circles of big bourgeoisie whether it be industrial or economic, especially in large cities Aleppo, Lattakia, and Damascus, there are no moves.

- There are no moves inside clans and tribes.

- The opposition is made up of a wide and various spectrum of parties. Some are patriotic, opposing external intervention and armed gangs. In addition, there is the Muslim brother hood which is considered as the most active and well-organized party inside the country and abroad.

There are, also, several traditionalist groups with different orientations, whose influence has become very clearly visible in gatherings and demonstrations in different areas. These groups do not hide their aims and purposes which are typically reactionary and sectarian.

On the spot, the most active and important groups ever since the protests began are the local coordination’s which include basically different groups of youth without having any common clear ideological plans or orientations except for the slogan “Down with the regime”. They are exposed to external as well as internal pressure.

- Opposition abroad consisting mainly of intellectuals, traditionalists, persons who quitted the regime and haw some internal extensions (Khadam and Refa׳at Al Assad).

During the last period, these forces held several conferences abroad, (except for a meeting held at Samir Amis hotel in Damascus by the internal opposition) aiming to mobilize forces and coordinate stances. Ideological, political differences, as well as, differences in interests prevailed. Some opposition forces abroad work hard to gain the support of foreign and colonialist forces.

- Up till now, the United States, France, and Great Britain are leading the international campaign of threats and incitement against the regime in Syria aiming to impose more and more packages of sanctions on Syria, specially sanctions by U.N Security Council and other international organizations, Russia and China continue opposing imposing such sanctions and procedures. Turkey has chosen an opportunistic stance which moves up and down according to election political and regional interests. Roughly speaking, there is an international unanimity opposing direct military measures against Syria as what happened to Libya, provided that the Arab League and the U.N Security Council do not adopt resolutions preparing the way for that purpose. The conflict over this issue is fierce.

- Except for Qatar which plays a vital and important role in the conspiracy against Syria, there are different views and stances in the Arab world as regards the situation in Syria.

- Day by day, the economic situation is deteriorating, pressure on the living conditions of masses increases.

- The regime is coherent and has great potentialities. Five months after the break out of events, none of the basic institutions (the party, the army, the security, the institutions of state, embassies, popular organizations, trade unions, the Progressive National Front …..) have never experienced any split.

Surely, the picture is not static, and should be viewed according to its dynamics, variables and development day by day.

Possible scenarios:

- The crisis might continue for a long period, leading to more calamities, bloodshed suffering.

- A break down leading to a general anarchy. a civil war or something similar to it might take place, paving the way for external intervention.

- An apparent split in the opposition might happen, making a part of it accept opening a serious dialogue with the regime to reach a new social contract in the country.

- To put an end to differences in approaches and “motionlessness” as regards the forces of the regime.

There are two possible results: either to move forward toward achieving a political solution to the crisis making a quick end firm and possible or to continue resorting to the security treatment of the crisis at all costs.

It’s difficult to foretell the way in which a decisive solution is possible. Some unexpected events might happen, enforcing all parties to compromise, or accept a deal imposed by external powers to help the country find an away out of the tunnel it has rushed through.

Where is the party now?

To start with, we would like to draw your attention that our party had sent memorandum to the regional command on the eve of the tenth conference of AL-Baa׳th party in 2005. The party demanded that the state be separated from the party, democracy and liberties be guaranteed, emergency regulations be lifted, a democratic law for parties be adopted, political and opinion prisoners be released, the domination of AL-Baa׳th party on trade unions be ended, corruption be fought….etc.

Further, we would like to add that the party has asserted, in all the documents adopted during the last period that it supported the national stance of Syria.

To materialize this aim, the social, economic and democratic needs of popular masses should be met. We discussed in detail these demands in our conferences and documents.

In its analysis of the deep and current crisis of our country, our party had made it clear that the main contradiction is between the political formula used to rule the country for several decades and the demands for democracy, social, economical and cultural development needed by the Syria society.

The content of our view is that the political formula is based on the monopoly of authority by the AL-Baa׳th party, the trusteeship on the popular movement and its organizations. This formula led to decadence and bureaucracy, and the corruption of state machine. Consequently, economic and social reform plans became in need of reconsideration to be up dated with the requirements of progress.

In brief, our party believes that the essence of the current crisis is the disproportion between the structure of the regime and the tasks of Syria. At the same time, the party had emphasized that the enemy and imperialist forces made the best of this internal disproportion to enhance the level of conspiracy against Syria, and use it as a Trojan horse to serve its well-known objective, as was mentioned above.

Accordingly, the Syrian Communist Party (Unified) is not neutral as regards the required alternative, on one hand, and the necessary means to achieve this objective, on the other.

Political solution and the continuity of a real and radical reform constitute the only way out of the crisis. Security procedures help increase the components of the crisis and deepen it more and more and empty the contents of reforms.

The current situation, we assert, requires a constructive and faithful dialogue all honest and patriotic forces, regardless of differences in opinions or views for the purpose of reaching an agreement or a radical reform plan serving the needs of popular masses and guarantees the creation of a civil secular and democratic state opposing the imperialist and Israeli plans in the region.

If dialogue necessitates the existence of a suitable climate, dialogue itself might help create such climate, because the other options would lead only to more bloodshed, more calamities for the country and the people.

Dear comrades;

Due to the weakness of Syrian mass media in the confrontation with the gigantic media of imperialism, the mobilization of forces all over the world against Syria, and the anti-Syrian alliance consisting of imperialist powers in addition to their puppets in the region, including Turkey, which adopted a pragmatic policy to share the hegemony of western countries on the region, due to all that, our party hopes that all communist, workers and democratic parties in the world would help spread these clarifications in the public opinion in their countries.

Also, we call upon these parties to solidify with Syria because it is the most important Arab country resisting the imperialist plans to dominate the Middle East, and firmly opposing the American-Israeli plan to fragment the area in several sectarian entities whose control would be easy. Syria also supports the national resistance in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq. Besides it supports the right of the Palestinian people to liberate its territories and establish a national state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Damascus: 17/9/2011

Hunein Nemer, First Secretary of the Syrian Communist Party (unified)

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